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  1. September 2015

New Videos

New videos on my Youtube Channel.

Recorded in the train station of Tuttlingen - Art by Dr. Alfons Kalter

  1. 12. September 2015

Tuttlinger NachtKultour

Duo with Alfons Schwab (Oboe)

  1. 16. August 2015 - 11 Uhr


Tuttlinger Bahnhof - Gleis Null

Playing at the opening of an exhibition by Dr. Alfons Kalter

  1. August 2015

Neue CD - Dancing Stings

Here it is... my new CD! =)

  1. Dezember 2014

New Guitar

Got a new guitar from Luthier Jakob Lebisch. Doubletop-Zeder - a really great Instrument!

  1. Oktober 2014


with Julia Davina Fritz

My new CD:

„Dancing Strings“